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Be you a wife, mother or professional, and regardless of your size, shape, age, colour or gender, you are entitled to feel and look good. ANGEL is a restorative workout for everyone.


ANGEL is a slow and graceful workout that fuses Functional Exercises, Dance, Martial Arts and elements of Yoga & Pilates into invigorating and relaxing workout routines. It is a perfect pilates yoga fusion workout. The synergistic effect of the body, mind, spirit and music coming together through movement is the essence of this easy home workout routine.

It is carefully crafted to strengthen your mental and emotional shields and improve general wellbeing and fitness. Our home workout videos  and  quick office workout routines are great for anyone keen to get fit, lose weight and rejuvenate. If you want a great Pilates Yoga fusion workout, this is also for you.

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Meet Some Of Our Clients

“When I first tried ANGEL workout I was very impressed with the uniqueness and effectiveness and I knew right then I had to integrate it into my usual classes. So, I decided to become a certified instructor and have been teaching ANGEL workout at my studio since 09/2015 and my clients love it ‘’

Elena Trento, Italy

‘’Wow! ANGEL workout is harder than it look, it has brought to my attention just how weak my ankles are, which explains maybe why I have problems from time to time with my running. Overall though, I enjoyed the quick workout and I think I should do this a few times each week, as I really think it will help me with my running and strength/balance in general. I like the music too! It’s perfect for the slow movement and to help you focus!’’

Vivienne Churnside, United Kingdom

‘’ I am so excited to be participating in your beautiful ANGEL program and not only gaining a greater connection with my body, mind and soul – excitement and honoured to also have an opportunity to become an instructor. I loved your way of teaching theory and practical and Skype works really well – just like having you in my studio. I look forward to my next work-out and instruction.”

Simonette Vaja, Australia

‘’ When I first did ANGEL workout, I immediately saw the uniqueness of the program and decided to connect on LinkedIn with the founder, as I could see the serious wish of Ignatius – to change and help women get better body, mind and confidence. He helped me in a short time, to develop balance, coordination and fitness at the same time, I even developed better self-awareness and esteem through his help. Fascinating workout and good coach with impressive results. Thanks a lot!’’

Annette Schmidt, Germany

Workout Videos

Choose from our range of restorative home workout videos and enjoy the many benefits of this rejuvenating workout from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you like. We also have quick office stretching exercise videos to help you cope with stress and get fit at work.


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