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What is ANGEL?

A = Awareness
N = Novel
G = Graceful
E = Embodiment
L = Love

Awareness of a Novel Graceful Embodiment of Love.

ANGEL is a perfect blend of functional exercises, ballet and martial arts with elements of yoga and pilates – set to a slow calming music. Serving as an acronym for ”awareness of a novel graceful embodiment of love” , ANGEL is a holistic fitness programme that brings beauty and grace to your workout. This beautiful workout caters for every fitness level, it’s really gentle on beginners and there is no expensive equipment required.

This invigorating workout is available for rent, purchase, or there are free versions for beginners.

ANGEL is more than a workout, it is a lifestyle. It will teach you to communicate with your body with love, and will raise your self-awareness to new heights. It is liberating, empowering and relaxing. Get started and find out while some say it is the best women’s exercise routine and program.

This all encompassing fitness program will help you develop a better body sense and embrace your feminine beauty. It is great for developing lean muscles and strength. ANGEL workout will equally improve your balance and flexibility. It is an ideal weight loss program you can do anytime and requires no equipment.

ANGEL exercise routines are for everyone. Be you a wife, mother, sister, or a professional and regardless of your size, shape, age, or colour, ANGEL workout will make you feel and look good. It’s a great mindfulness exercise to keep body fit. Discover the best women’s home exercise. No equipment.

You can do these mindfulness exercises anywhere, anytime, either in the privacy of your home, office or simply join a group class. You can also buy/rent any of our workout videos or receive personal coaching via Skype directly from the founder.

About the Founder

Ignatius Ajuebor jnr is the founder and creator of this body-honouring workout. An international fitness consultant and wellness coach, Iggy’s experience spans over two decades; and his program has been adopted by a lot of people all over the world. He is also a martial artist, and loves horse back riding and playing chess.

Having observed the effects of our modern lifestyle and being raised by a single mum, Ignatius is mindful of the difficulties people and women in particular face in keeping fit. This insight combined with his passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle  contributed to the development of ANGEL workout as we know it today. Iggy blends this unique mix of exercise routines and  movements with a heart opening dose of psychology encouraging women to truly embrace their bodies with love and celebration.

Why I created ANGEL

Having lived and worked in Africa, North America and the U.K, I was exposed to and influenced by a mixture of rich and diverse cultures and traditions. I also observed the challenges of modern lifestyle and the effects it has on people. This, combined with my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, inspired me to create a fitness program that brings harmony back to our lives and reminds us of our true essence and natural beauty.