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No you don’t. You only need a floor mat, ANGEL is a body weight exercise program.

You can do ANGEL anywhere. Simply order our workout video online or receive personal coaching from the founder. You can also join a class.

No you don’t. ANGEL caters for all fitness levels and experience.

Each instructor decides the fee they charge for their classes but generally it is from 10-40 US dollars per class. Please contact the instructor to enquire.

ANGEL Instructor Certification

First fill in the enrollment form on the website, then make payment and schedule your course trainingOr you can contact us on info@angel-workout.com

Training is done directly by the founder via skype or in person, depending on location.

The certificate is initially valid for 6 months.

Yes. It is a practical exam where you will demonstrate your understanding of ANGEL, it also involves some theory. All is done interactively directly by the founder online.

It generally takes from 3-10 days depending on how fast you progress and how you wish to schedule your training.

Online Videos

A: Our online video platform allows you to access ANGEL Workout videos anytime. The videos stream on your computer and you can rent for a limited period or buy to have unlimited access. Our partners at Cleeng make it possible for you to access and securely pay for your chosen ANGEL Workout videos.

Very simple. Just select your workout video and purchase option of your choice then follow the simple instructions to enter payment information.

A: Cleeng allows our clients an easy and secure solutions for purchasing online videos. Using your Facebook, Google or Yahoo! account, it takes just a few seconds to create a Cleeng account and then buy online workouts using Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. We’ve got you covered! We researched several companies to secure the safety of your information. Your personal information is securely stored on Cleeng servers. All actual transactions are done on Cleeng servers using SSL encryption, and payment processing meets the highest PCI Compliance standards. Our website also has SSL encryption for your added safety.

A: Once you purchase the workout video, you will have instant access to the streaming video. The video plays automatically in your browser from the device you purchase it on. You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone to access the videos. You must have a proper broadband connection for the video to play. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection- please make sure it is a strong connection.

Personal Coaching

Generally the cost is from 40-60 US$ per session depending your needs. This will be discussed during your FREE initial consultation.

No. Personal Coaching is not only for ANGEL programs. Personal Coaching is also offered depending on your needs and likes using other forms of exercise programs and Lifestyle Coaching.

Yes. Most of our clients take their Personal Coaching via skype.

Payment is made by wire transfer into our bank account, but you can discuss other options available during your initial FREE consultation.