//Healthy Snacking Tips? Discover What Motivates You To Snack.

Healthy Snacking Tips? Discover What Motivates You To Snack.

Explore Healthy Snacking Tips And  Unravel Your Motivation To Snack?

Healthy snacking tips could be difficult to give without firstly exploring the motivation to snack. While you can honestly say that you generally eat good and indulge only in healthy snacking and avoid the big ”eating sins” like sweets, chocolate, chips etc. nevertheless, the pounds tend to stick with you. How unfair! Could snacking be the reason?

But what really is your eating pattern or habit? what do you understand by healthy snacking? Imagine a camera recording your actions in your kitchen or home, maybe while you prepare your ‘healthy meal’, what will it reveal? Will it show a slice of ham and a quick piece of cheese finding their way in your mouth? Some crumbs from yesterday’s cake swept on the palm of your hand and quickly swallowed? You sipping a nice glass of wine while cooking? Or a few spoons of soup as it is warming? Each bite doesn’t seem a lot but unfortunately it all adds up, remember, you are yet to eat the main meal. This is definitely not a healthy snacking. All things been equal, it is the snacking that causes the additional calories.

Healthy snacking tips may not be very helpful if you don’t first deal with your motivation to snack. So, why do you snack? Is it because you are so hungry that you can’t wait until the meal is prepared? Or is the food so exceptionally tasty that you can’t resist it even when knowing you shouldn’t have it? Or is it because you want to REWARD yourself? After all, you have been so disciplined the whole day- to get up in time and be punctual for work and do school run; to behave in an expected way; to dress up and put on makeup etc. So many rules to follow, so the time in the evening is “you time”, where you don’t want any rules, you don’t want to do what you are “supposed” to do, don’t want to be a “good girl” so you find comfort in snacking.

If all that sounds familiar to you then there might be a bigger force at play here. Maybe you feel not appreciated enough and loved, not noticed for all the work you put in to be a good, honest and hardworking person, so you embrace one thing that makes you ”feel good” – snacking/food. Though, this might be a temporary feeling as the real issue remains unaddressed, you will find yourself in a vicious cycle; never happy and piling up those extra kilograms.

Try to resist the temptation of snacking, consider it as dangerous as taking drugs-offering a short-term relief of your problems while creating huge persisting problems in the future. Find a way to deal with the real issues, rejuvenate and connect to your authentic self and values, also, understand that you are not defined by the pressures of your environment, work or past experiences.

Make time to enjoy a proper meal without all the unnecessary snacking and find a way to keep active, you can do a quick 30 minutes workout or whatever exercise you enjoy. This will make you feel good, because now you give yourself the care and attention you deserve, and you will be surprised what deep joy it gives you to know you are honest to yourself. You will be more motivated especially as you begin to see good results and you might be surprised how much more and longer lasting satisfaction you get out of not snacking. Try it.

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