//Hurried Woman Syndrome, The New Epidemic, Are You Vaccinated?

Hurried Woman Syndrome, The New Epidemic, Are You Vaccinated?

Are you a victim of Hurried Woman Syndrome?

Taking a moment to slow down and smell the roses could help overhaul your health and well-being. Life is becoming a race against clock and faster than ever before. The world is now a mad house of things to do and you may be working more, but at what cost? Everything else suffers: your health, diet, ability to think, create and live the life you once imagined. Some experts have named this Hurried Woman Syndrome. Symptoms of Hurried Woman Syndrome include tiredness, weight gain, difficulty to fall asleep, lack of motivation and self-esteem. It is essential that you make time for yourself and take your foot of the gas once in a while. So relax, breath slow, slow down at work and in your conversations, have a slow workout and even eat your meals slowly.

Slowing down your meals could help you feel satisfied for less, because the feeling of fullness only kicks in after about 20 min. A study published in the American Dietetic Association found that fast eaters were more likely to be overweight than those who enjoyed their meals at a slower pace. Be present while you eat and enjoy each mouthful.

Hurried Woman Syndrome is indeed becoming the new epidemic, working at a frantic tempo all day will make you less productive, this is because it leaves no time for reflection so you are less able to solve problems, and it also increases your risks of mistakes. So calm down, prioritize and spend time on what’s vital. Stress could be hazardous to our health and increases our breathing rate, so remember to breathe slower. Slow deep breathing helps to lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

Looking for health shortcuts is nothing new but there is no magic solution for most problems. There are countless quick fixes that whisper seductive promises of maximum health and fitness with minimum effort, but they seldom live up to their promise. So, take charge and manage your health and fitness the smart way. If your energy is low for example, ask yourself whether you are getting enough sleep before rushing to one of those quick fixes. If you wish to get fitter or lose weight, watch your diet and get some exercise before taking a ”magic pill” that promises heaven and earth.

To improve your health and curb the effects of Hurried Woman Syndrome, you may have to change your lifestyle. It is essential you start paying attention to your wellbeing and treat the mind and body together. Remember, “The part can never be well, unless the whole is well.”

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