//Women’s Wellbeing And ‘Mommy Trap’- When Did You Stop Caring For Yourself?

Women’s Wellbeing And ‘Mommy Trap’- When Did You Stop Caring For Yourself?

Does being a mommy or a wife really pose a challenge to women’s wellbeing? What’s the importance of ”mommy wellness”?

Women’s wellbeing impacts on all of us. Women are caregivers and often the foundation of the family unit. Throughout history women have assumed or been assigned various social roles. It is no secret that having a great body image is important to most women especially after body changes due to child birth, pre-menopause and post-menopause. In addition, a lot of women may not feel great about themselves and their bodies because of mental and emotional abuse, manipulative and abusive relationship just to mention a few. Not surprising that they sometimes find comfort in the ”comfort zone of their daily routine” and disconnect from their true essence and authentic self.

Furthermore, they stop giving themselves the attention they deserve and their wellness and fitness take a back sit. You hear things like – I am now a wife, I am now a mother, there are more important things, my husband loves me anyway, I used to be hot and fit back in the days, well I don’t just have the time anymore… etc. Given these reasons, it is becoming more obvious that most women are not motivated to get in shape and may find going to the traditional gymnasium unsuitable to their circumstances. And there aren’t many fitness programs out there that suits the modern lifestyle and specially crafted to deal with these challenges of motherhood. So, how does one improve ”mommy wellness” and women’s wellbeing in general?

What is the ideal fitness program for women’s wellbeing & motherhood?

What is needed is a program that: (I) ”slows” these women down and reminds them of their importance as well as inner and outer beauty; (ii) makes them feel good while developing the body and improving their fitness; (iii) they can do anywhere, anytime either as a home workout routine or in a class with other women should they wish to experience that group energy; (iv) develops their emotional and mental shields; and (v) with graceful movements that invokes feminine beauty and is not time-consuming and improves ”mommy wellness”. A good example that comes to mind is ANGEL Workout and there might be other suitable programs out there.

Every woman¬†deserves to be healthy and feel special regardless of shape, size, creed, color, age, family, or income levels. So, it’s time to polish the gem which you already are so you can shine. Get in shape because you respect your body and mind and deserve the best for you. It is time to knock down those walls of lies, smash those shackles of inhibitions placed upon you by society and by yourself and free your mind, body and spirit. So, get up and get your body and mind back in shape because only you can do it for you and remember, YOU MATTER!


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