//The Simple Truth About Weight Loss.

The Simple Truth About Weight Loss.

What really is the simple truth about weight loss?

Here is the simple truth about weight loss. Obesity is becoming a global epidemic and yet weight loss is a topic that generates a lot of controversy. There are a lot of bad and misleading information on the best way to lose weight such as magic products that will melt the fat away from your body, or the latest workout equipment that will magically shred the fat from your body. What really is the simple truth about weight loss or weight gain?

Well, the simple truth about weight loss is that you have to burn more calories than you take in, period. How you realize this goal is where the ”cat meets the dog”. In reality, good nutrition together with regular exercise is the way to go to achieve consistent fat loss and weight management. It is important to have a proper diet plan to compliment your exercise routine. When in doubt of a proper nutrition get the services of a dietician or nutritionist.

Your exercises will likely fall into one of the two categories: Resistance and Cardiovascular training. Resistance training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance such as dumbbells, rubber exercise tubing or your own body weight etc. Cardiovascular training could be walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. Now there is no one best exercise. The best exercise is the one you will do and enjoy for as long as the risks or drawbacks do not outweigh the benefits.You could try ANGEL Workout Routines, Bar Brothers System etc.

However, you may have to apply the SAID principle (Specific Adaptations to the Imposed Demands) to create the exact change you desire. It means, for a specific change or adaptation to occur, a training or exercise regime must stress a group of muscles utilizing specific energy systems.

Other than genetics, your body will always adapt to the stimuli placed upon it. For example, the bodybuilder has a greater lean muscle mass than the swimmer or yoga instructor as a result of hypertrophy caused by the body’s adaption to the heavy weight training. The professional swimmer may have a larger VO2max than the body builder, and the yoga instructor will probably be the most flexible. Each individual has undergone adaptive changes to their body based on the activity they perform. It is important that you establish your goals and know the kind of exercise you need. When in doubt of the right exercise for you seek personal coaching from a qualified and knowledgeable trainer that understands your needs and suits your personality.

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